Meeting Presentations

February 2017 Tech Session

Airside Energy Recovery

April 2017 Tech Session

Submitting a Custom Project to CT Energy Efficiency Programs

April 2017 Dinner Meeting

New Construction Energy Efficiency Program

April 2017 Dinner Meeting

New Construction Territories

May 2017 Tech Session

Acoustics Overview

May 2017 Dinner Session

Building System Acoustics

September 2017 Tech Session

Mechanical Rooms and Gas Detection in Commercial Applications

September 2017 Dinner Session

ASHRAE Safety Standards for Gas Detection

October 2017 Dinner Session

Novel Methods of Capturing Airborne Contamination and Inactivating Airborne Pathogens

November 2017 Tech Session

Current Path of Refrigerants

November 2017 Dinner Session Part 1

Planning & Designing Gas Detection Systems

November 2017 Dinner Session Part 2

Gas Detector Sensor Technology Overview

December 2017 Dinner Session

Connected Home & Business Solutions

January 2018 Tech Session

Inverter Based CHP Systems

January 2018 Dinner Session

Mechanical CHP vs Electrical CHP

Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

Chapter Records


CT Chapter Constitution and Bylaws 2015

Manual for Chapter Operations

Newly Revised and Approved by Members Council 2014.01.21

Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in ASHRAE

Manual for Chapter Operations Appendix EE

Code Requirements


Keep Commercialism Out

PowerPoint regulating commercialism in chapter presentations



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