Meeting Presentations

September 2016 Tech Session

Rooftop Energy Innovation

October 2016 Tech Session

Hydronic Heating & Cooling Systems: Basic Design Funadmentals and Equipment Identification

October 2016 Dinner Session

Hydronic Heating & Cooling Systems: Challenging the Traditional Approach to Pump Selection and Control

November 2016 Tech Session

Mechanical Equipment Choices for Cooling Towers

November 2016 Dinner Session

Variable Flow Over Cooling Towers for Energy Savings

January 2017 Tech Session

Applying Modular Chillers in a Variable Primary Chilled Water System

January 2017 Dinner Session

Using the Heat You Already Own

February 2017 Tech Session

Airside Energy Recovery

April 2017 Tech Session

Submitting a Custom Project to CT Energy Efficiency Programs

April 2017 Dinner Meeting

New Construction Energy Efficiency Program

April 2017 Dinner Meeting

New Construction Territories

Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

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