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June 2017 Print

The President's Message

June 2017

Brandon Bradley

Thank you all for attending the May 2017 Past President’s night. It was a pleasure to host all the past presidents and remember fondly of those that could not attend. As we wrap for the season, I wanted to personally thank all who have donated time, committed efforts and sponsored the positive movement of this chapter. It has been a true pleasure this season and I look forward to the great things the Connecticut chapter will accomplish in the upcoming years. The incoming team is vibrant, committed to excellence and will lead the chapter with great brilliance.

Thank you to the many supporters of the golf outing, it was a fun filled day with an outpouring of livelihood. I am overwhelmed and humbled every year that we host the outing.

I look forward to seeing you all in the future as your Research Promotion chair, it has been a true pleasure being your chapter president.


Brandon Bradley

CT ASHRAE President, 2016-2017

This home page is maintained by the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. P.O. Box 143 Cromwell, CT 06416. ASHRAE chapters may not act for the Society and the information presented here has not had Society review. To learn more about ASHRAE activities on an international level, contact the ASHRAE home page at http://www.ashrae.org.


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ASHRAE Golf Outing

2017 Golf Outing Recap

In recent years, the CT Chapter has hosted a golf outing every spring. We’re happy to report that this year’s event was very successful in terms of attendance and money raised for ASHRAE research promotion. Keeping with tradition of the last couple years, the Outing was held the Friday of Memorial Day weekend which happened to be May 26th this year. Golfers and volunteers alike find this to be a great way to get an early start to an already long weekend! Again, Tower Ridge Country Club (@TowerRidgeCC), located at 140 Nod Road, Simsbury, CT, was the venue for this day of fun.

The sky looked ominous and there was a slight drizzle as volunteers and event organizers arrived before registration started. As golfers began arriving for the 9:00 AM registration conversation mostly consisted of the weather and if the rain would clear up, or at least not down pour. Luckily breakfast was provided complements of Aercon and seemed to get everyone’s minds off the weather.

Although not great, the weather behaved itself enough to remain dry, albite damp, for the remainder of the day. Once the final golfer of the 108 participating players arrived the 10:00 AM shotgun start proceeded. Players could register as a single player, or a foursome for this scramble-style event. It just so happened that we ended up with 4 single players that made a foursome.

Volunteers and unofficial drink cart girls, Nichole Petersen and Alex Lamparski made sure that the players did not go thirsty as they rode around handing out beverages and working in conjunction with the beverage stations throughout the course, sponsored by Flow Tech, Inc. The ladies also sold raffle tickets as they went around. Players could buy an arm’s length for $20 or get the foursome special which was 5 arm’s lengths for $80. The more raffle tickets a player purchased the better their odds to win one of the many prizes at the end of the day.

The day flew by and soon it was time for golfers to head back to the club house for an open-bar cocktail hour and a dinner reception. A buffet-style dinner with a carving station was included with each player’s registration. During dinner the winning team was awarded their prize along with Longest Drive and closest to the Pin awards. After dinner the raffle prizes were announced along with special thanks to sponsoring firms.

All in all it was a great day for CT ASHRAE and all participants and volunteers. If you missed out this year, mark your calendars for Friday, May 25, 2018 for the same time and location. CT ASHRAE usually starts promoting the event in January.

Want to see all the 2017 Golf Outing pictures? Visit the photo gallery!


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Spring Softball Recap

CT ASHRAE Softball Game – Recap

By: Danielle Horan, Flow Tech, Marketing Intern

On Thursday, June 8th, the CT ASHRAE Chapter held its annual softball game at Wickham Park in Manchester, CT. The game is usually played in the form of YEA (Young Engineers of ASHRAE) vs. TOY (Too Old for YEA), but this year members of ASHRAE divided into teams a little differently. In the form of two new teams, Flow Tech vs. Non-Flow Tech (aka Team Sandlot), everyone was ready for some fun and friendly competition. The teams included the following players:


Team Flow Tech:

  1. Kevin Wixom (Left Field)

  2. Nichole Petersen (Catcher)

  3. Michael Davis – Team Captain (Pitcher/Short Stop)

  4. Brian Petersen (First Base) – played innings 4-7

  5. Kai Anderson (Center Field) – played innings 1-4

  6. Raymond Krueger (First Base/Pitcher)

  7. Andrew Marques (Third Base)

  8. Delaney Piche (Right Field)

  9. Danielle Horan (Second Base)

  10. Andrew Tomarchio (Short Stop/Outfield)


Team Sandlot:

  1. Mitch Lawrence Zawacki (Catcher/Pitcher)

  2. Henry Cullinane (First Base)

  3. Robert Croston (3rd Base)

  4. Daniel Cowan (Right Field)

  5. Lauren Marotta (Left Field)

  6. Alex Lamparski (2nd Base)

  7. Matthew Berry (Short Stop)

  8. Jason Urso – Team Captain (Center Field)

  9. Eric Gribin (Pitcher/Catcher)

Both teams made some impressive plays each inning. For the majority of the game, Team Flow Tech held a strong lead. However, during the last inning things got a little stressful as Team Sandlot began their big comeback. In the end, Team Sandlot ended up winning by 1 run.

Although the outcome of the game may be a tad controversial (see the team captains and you’ll get 2 different stories), both teams put up a fight all the way through to the end. Regardless of the winner, everyone had a great time playing ball and cheering on teammates! Family and friends came out to show their support, and pizza and drinks were provided for all. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the field again next year for another great game!

Click here to view all the game photos!

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Newsletter Sponsors


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Annual Conference

2017 ASHRAE Winter Conference & AHR Expo


The future of net-zero energy buildings is already here. Stay in the forefront by attending ASHRAE's 2017 Annual Conference June 24-28, in Long Beach, CA. Early bird registration is now open.

  • An exciting Welcome Party held at the Aquarium of the Pacific, complete with otters!
  • An inspiring, world-renowned keynote speaker, Derreck Kayongo, Founder of the Global Soap Project.
  • Nine tracks that address design strategies for net zero energy buildings, various forms of commissioning, extensive fundamentals and applications programs, and others.

2017 ASHRAE Annual Conference Technical Program 

Start planning your itinerary for the 2017 ASHRAE Annual Conference in Long Beach, Calif. Technical Program Tracks focus on resources to design, build, control, commission, and operate highly efficient facilities. Eight Conference Tracks Include:

  • Building Life Safety Systems NEW
  • Commissioning: Optimizing New and Existing Buildings and their Operation
  • Controls NEW
  • Fundamentals and Applications
  • HVAC&R Systems and Equipment
  • Net Zero Energy Buildings: The International Race to 2030 NEW
  • Refrigeration
  • Residential Buildings: Standards Guidelines and Codes NEW

61 Seminars | 8 Workshops | 7 Forums | 2 Panels | 3 Debates

26 paper sessions consisting of 71 Conference Papers and 19 Technical Papers


P.S. Easily request employer support using templates from our Conference Justification Toolkit.



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Membership News

Membership News 

New Members

Please join me in welcoming the following new members


Matthew Pfannenstiel (Associate Member) – Smith College


John Burgess (Member) - Environmental Testing & Balancing Inc.


Brian Piersall (Associate Member) - Mulvaney Mechanical Inc.


Dr. Carl Fiocchi (Associate Member) - University of Massachusetts - Amherst 

Thank you,

Jason Urso

Membership Promotion Chair  


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Research Promotion


CT ASHRAE Research Promotion

The RP campaign is an annual fundraising campaign benefitting the funding of numerous ASHRAE programs:

  • ASHRAE Research

  • Scholarships for undergraduates

  • YEA Leadership Training

2016-2017 Goals

  1. Raise $13,480 for RP by June 30, 2017 - Goal Accomplished
  2. Raise $250 for scholarships by November 15, 2016 - Goal Accomplished

 Donate here...


CT Ashrae has met its goal!!! As the RP Chair for 2016-2017, I’d like to thank the entire chapter for its efforts during the 2016-2017 RP donation campaign. We have met our goal ahead of schedule thanks to all of you!


Very often, the CT Chapter is requested to make up the difference for the shortcoming between our goal and actual member donations. Thankfully, this will not be one of those years thanks to your support.


For those of you who have not contributed this year and would still like to, there is still time. Please use the above link to contribute.


I would like to especially thank all of our donors and golf tee sponsors who contributed to the campaign:




Mr Ronald R Beliveau


Mr Michael P Patton


Mr Jason R Urso, PE


Mr Matthew E Mullen


Ms Juliette N Williams


Mr Mark E Kent


Mr Joseph L Furman


Mr Brandon Z Bradley


Mr Sean J Pringle


Mr Robert M. Andel


Mr Henry T Cullinane


Mr Charles N Aungst


Ms Nichole Petersen


Mr Michael Davis


Ms Julia G Weatherby, PE


Mr Dumitru T Petrescu, PE


Mr. Derek T Bride


Mr. John L Altieri


Mr. Jeremy N Rapoza


Mr. Matthew S. Cole


MJ Daly


George A Green, Inc.


Mr. James Falcetti


Mrs. Paula Saaf

Mr. David P Brown

Mr. Robert W Paul

Mr. Allan K Brown, PE

Mr. Frederick F Wajcs, Jr

Belimo Aircontrols (USA)

Mr. Pasquale M Maturo


Consulting Engineering Services Inc

Mr. Edward L Gutowski, PE

Mr. Michael P Patton

Mr. Mark E Kent

W W Rothmann Co., Inc.

Mr. Everett M Barber, Jr

Mr. David P Brown

Progressive Engineering, Inc.

Norris & Ferraris

Mr. Eugene A DeJoannis, PE

Mr. Arnold W Peterson


Mr. Peter J Luchini, Jr


Mr. Mike Flannery


Mr. Paul D Marques, PE


Mr. Craig D Marshall, PE



Tee Sponsors


AbsolutAire Co.


Buckley Associates, Inc.


CTC Building Solutions


EDOs Manufacturers' Reps/Rheem Manufacturing Co


Emerson Swan


Hubbell Electric Heater Co.


Mechanical Solutions


Mitsubishi Electric


Norris Ferreris


RA Novia




RST Thermal


Sartron, LLC




Wings Testing & Balancing


WW Rothmann



Curious about the research projects in your area?





Please consider joining this list by making your donation now.



Thank you,


Charles Aungst




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A Word from the Editor

 A Note from the Editor


Hi everyone!

The 2016-2017 CT ASHRAE season has been a great one! Thank you to all the members who provided me with answers to their member spotlight questions. I think I can speak for everyone when I say it's nice to get to know our members on a more personal level. You can expect the member spotlight section to return to the newsletter for the 2017-2018 year. If you haven't been featured yet, keep a look out for a slightly new survey to hit inboxes this summer.

As always I welcome suggestions/ideas for the newsletter. If anyone wants to join the Newsletter Committee please let me know.

Wishing everyone a fabulous summer!

Thank you,

~Nichole Petersen


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Become a Sponsor

Thank you to the 2016-2017 Sponsors.

On behalf of the entire CT ASHRAE Board of Governors, we'd like to thank each and every firm/individual who purchased a sponsorship during the 2016-2017 season. Due to your support and generostiy we can give back to the HVAC&R industry through scholarships, RP donations, special events and more!

2016-2017 Sponsors:

AbsolutAire, Co.
Air Equipment
Buckley Associates, Inc.
Centek Engineering
Clover Corporation
Connecticut Temperature Controls
CTC Building Solutions
Conservation Solutions
Consulting Engineering Services
ebm-papst, Inc.
EDOS Manufacturers' Reps
Emerson Swan
Ernest Conrad, PE
Flow Tech, Inc.
Fank I. Rounds, Co.
Gourley, Co.
Hubbell Electric Heater Co.
Johnson Controls
Macri Associates
Mechanical Solutions
Mitsubishi Electric
MSI Pump
Norris & Ferraris
RA Novia
RST Thermal
RT Forbes
Sartron, LLC
Tighe & Bond
van Zelm Engineers
William Bitterli Consulting
Wings Testing & Balancing
WW Rothmann


Membership Directory Update

The CT ASHRAE Membership Directory has not been forgotten. We apologize for the delay but the designer is behind schedule. Please keep an eye out for it this summer! 

If you're interested in joining the sponsorship committee or have ideas of how we can improve for 2017-2018 please contact the sponsorship committee .


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Connecticut Chapter Officers 2016-2017

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President Elect


Derke Bride





Hank Cullinane





Jason Urso



Committe Chairpersons 2016-2017 

Golf Outing

*Brandon Bradley  860.488.0384

Grass Roots

*Hank Cullinane  860.665.3286


Richard Melo 203.706.1841

Honors and Awards

*Stillman Jordan 203.375.5228


*Jason Urso  413.572.3226


*Nichole Petersen  860.221.0880


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Programs, ASPE Liaison

Anthony Carosielli  203.230.9007

Programs, Code & Utilities

David Bebrin 860.665.5010


*Nichole Petersen 860.221.0880


Daniel Cowan  203.701.6165 

Research Promotion

Charles Aungst 203.380.3339


*Mike Davis and Nichole Petersen

Student Activities

Ashely Keller 845.240.0890

Student Advisor

University of Hartford Professor C.C. Yavuzturk  860.768.5554  yayuzturk@hartford.edu

Student Advisor

University of New Haven Professor Stephen Ross  203.932.7148  SRoss@newhaven.edu


Eric Fontaine  860.284.5064 

Technology Transfer

Charles Aungst III  203.370.3339


*Mike Davis  860.221.0887


*Blair Richardson  203.683.6930 



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