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February Print

The President's Message

February 2019


Hank Cullinane

January’s meeting was a joint meeting with the Association of Energy Engineers and the Connecticut Green Building Council on the topic of Energy Star & Energy Simulation Aided Design for Buildings. Our dinner speaker, Sara Lisauskas, gave an excellent talk on the Energy Star Portfolio manager. This month’s speaker is on Health and Humidity and looks to be very interesting.

ASHRAE had their winter meeting in Atlanta in January. The meeting was 2 weeks before the Superbowl will be in there so there was a lot going on in the city. There’s a lot going on with ASHRAE as well. The headquarters were sold to the local hospital who have wanted the property for a long time. ASHRAE purchased a new property that is twice the space and on ten acres of land. They plan to renovate the building and have a state of the art Net Zero building. This will take some doing and ASHRAE has set a budget of 15 Million to get this done. This is expected to cause a budget short fall in coming years. At the technical committee meetings, along with the normal committee work there was discussion about consolidating committees. Each committee was asked to suggest other committees that they could be merged with. The hope is by having less committees they will not need as many meeting rooms. This will same money and will open up the ability to look at other cities for the winter and summer meetings.

We sent Justin Simko a U-Hart student chapter member to the winter meetings. Please look for his report elsewhere in this newsletter. It was good getting together with him at the region 1 dinner and introducing him to some of the regional officers. Justin got together with other members of our board and attended TC meetings as well as educational seminars.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.

Hank Cullinane


Chapter President

[email protected]



This home page is maintained by the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. P.O. Box 143 Cromwell, CT 06416. ASHRAE chapters may not act for the Society and the information presented here has not had Society review. To learn more about ASHRAE activities on an international level, contact the ASHRAE home page at http://www.ashrae.org.



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Meeting Announcement


February 2019 Dinner Meeting

Order of Events:

5:00 PM to 6:00 PM - Tech Session

5:45 PM to 6:45 PM - Registration, Networking & Cocktail Hour

6:45 PM to 7:15 PM - Dinner

7:15 PM to 8:30 PM - Dinner Session

Tech Session: Humidification 101

Tech Session Time: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Location: Berlin Room

Description: The purpose of this course is to provide each participant with the basic knowledge and skills needed to understand and design humidification systems. We will discuss common components, types of humidifiers, typical applications and design concerns, specification concerns, and some pitfalls that are all too common. We will also discuss the importance of water quality and the treatment options that are available. Lastly, we will review control strategies that work and the ones to avoid.


Dinner Presentation: Health & Humidity

Dinner Session Time: 7:15 PM to 8:30 PM

Location: Cromwell Room

Description: The purpose of this presentation is illustrate why humidification is so important to human health. We will discuss how humidification can affect wellness, patient HAI’s, and flu transmission. We will also touch on the systems available in the humidification market and on some of the codes that govern the applications and some resources that are available to you.


Tech & Dinner Session Speaker: David Bennett

Eastern Regional Sales Manager – DriSteem

Mr. Bennett has been in the HVAC industry for over 20 years. His background includes experience as a contractor, manufacturer’s rep, and as a manufacturer regional manager. He has a worked on and designed a wide range of systems including hydronic heating and cooling, air distribution, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, building controls, and humidification.





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Calendar of Events


Mark your calendar for the 2018-2019 year! 

2/7/19 - Humidification 101: Health and Humidity

3/11 to 15 - HVAC Design Training in Hartford

3/14/19 - DX vs. Chilled Water Panel Discussion

4/11/19 - Acoustics & Variable Air Volume Meeting

5/09/19- Design, Bid, Build & Integrated Building Design Meeting

5/24/19 - Annual Golf Outing



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Special Events

HVAC Design Training: Levels I and II, Hartford March 2019

ASHRAE offers HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials March 11–13 and HVAC Design: Level II – Applications March 14–15 at the Marriott Hartford Downtown, 200 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, Connecticut.


HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials

ASHRAE’s HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials training provides participants with instruction that accelerates their transformation into effective members of a design, construction or facilities maintenance team. Developed by industry-leading professionals selected by ASHRAE, the training provides attendees with the fundamentals and technical aspects of HVAC design. Attendees will gain practical skills and knowledge to design and maintain HVAC systems that can be put to immediate use.

In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding, attendees will receive real-world examples of HVAC systems based on the renovated ASHRAE Headquarters building. The training also teaches a systematic approach to guide a design team to a solution that optimally meets the client’s expectations. Engineered drawings of the ASHRAE Headquarters renovation will also be discussed so participants are exposed to plan reading and visual understanding of system design.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineers new to the HVAC industry, including recent engineering graduates lacking practical experience
  • Facilities managers involved in new construction or major renovation projects
  • Technicians who would like to gain design knowledge
  • Architects who want to understand HVAC system design
  • Sales engineers and HVAC equipment suppliers who want to gain a broad knowledge of HVAC systems



HVAC Design: Level II – Applications

ASHRAE’s HVAC Design: Level II – Applications training provides participants with instruction on HVAC system design. The training is tailored for engineers with advanced experience in the HVAC design field, or those who have completed HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials. Developed by industry-leading professionals, the training provides advanced information that allows practicing engineers and designers an opportunity to expand their exposure to HVAC systems design procedures for a better understanding of system options to save energy.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineers with HVAC design experience (3–10 years)
  • Participants who attended the HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials
  • Architects who want an in-depth understanding of HVAC design
  • Facilities managers involved in new construction or major renovation projects
  • Technicians who would like to gain thorough design knowledge
  • Construction project managers involved with mechanical systems



Fee Covers: Course admittance, course materials, publications, break refreshments, and lunches. Click Here for Rates

Company Discount Fee: Enroll 3 or more participants from the same company at the same time and save. Email Gabrielle Gaston ([email protected]) for group registration assistance.



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Newsletter Sponsors


If you'd like your personal or business card to appear here, please contact the Sponsorship Committee today! Click Here to see the sponsorship oportunities!



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Young Engineers in ASHRAE

YEA Wolfpack Hockey Networking Night! 

Get out of the office and join YEA for a night of hockey and networking. The night will begin at City Steam Brewery from where we will continue to watch the Hartford Wolfpack play the Hershey Bears! We are also being treated to a behind the scences tour of the ice chilling equipment during an intermission.

The $30 ticket includes (1) beer at City Steam Brewery and a Wolfpack ticket along with the tour. 

Order of Events: February 27, 2019 

5:30 PM to 6:45 PM - Meet at City Steam Brewery

7:30 PM - Tour of ice chilling facilities during intermission

7:00 PM to 9:30 PM - Hockey Game

Click Here for more information!


Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Committee: 2017-2018


The Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Committee enhances member benefits for young professional ASHRAE members, 35 years old and younger, by identifying activities and services focused on their needs.

Join us at the Winter Conference in Atlanta to meet your YEA Representatives!


Upcoming YEA Leadership Events

YEA Leadership Weekend 2.0
Clearwater, Florida – February 8-10, 2019

YEA Leadership Weekend 2.0

YEA Leadership Weekend 2.0 (YLW 2.0) is designed to provide additional, more advanced resources to YLW alumni. For this continuation of YLW, we bring back Ralph Kison to facilitate and expand on the skills he taught at the existing YLW event. As YLW alumni, you’ve had the opportunity to use the resources and connections you gained at YLW to not only grow your professional careers, but develop your participation within ASHRAE. The purpose of YLW 2.0 is to continue that growth and development, and hopefully inspire even further leadership skills and aspirations!

This event is open to any current ASHRAE member who has previously attended a YEA Leadership Weekend event and has not already attended YLW 2.0. Attendance is limited to 20 people and registration will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Registration will open on Monday, September 24, 2019 at 12:00pm/Noon Eastern. 

Please contact Rhiannon Masterson with any questions at [email protected] or 678-539-1178.


Interested in YEA? Contact Kevin Wixom at [email protected]




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Student Activities


ASHRAE 2019 Winter Conference  

By Justin Simko, Student Member, Univ. Hartford

 The conference started with the student program at the Omni hotel in downtown Atlanta Georgia with a greeting from ASHRAE president Shelia Hayter, where she spoke about her involvement with the organization and her contributions as a student to initiate the student program. Recipients of last year’s grant program presented their work on a dual use high efficiency variable speed dehumidifier, which was an insight into the level of quality the organization supports. A presentation from NASA researcher Dr. Christine Darden followed with her research in supersonic flight and sonic booms, which after forty years is now being used to develop new aircraft for commercial use by Lockheed Martin. Dr. Darden’s talk was inspiring to hear about how she had to overcome many obstacles in her life and always persisted to achieve more no matter her circumstances.  


Succeeding the presentations, the student program hosted multiple events providing the opportunity to learn more about other student branch chapters in the country as well as encouraging students to attend technical committee meetings the over the course of the conference. The student program did a great job at explain the conference structure and how each committee and seminar worked, as well as providing information on how to attend technical sessions if desired. Saturday evening the welcome party was held in the great hall of the Fernbank Museum of Natural History around some of the world’s largest dinosaurs. It was an incredible opportunity to meet some of the long-time members of the organization and to connect with other student members across the world.  


 Sunday’s activities started with a hands-on design challenge with fellow students followed by a technical presentation by Dr. Nadia Sabeh on her career in combining Agriculture and Mechanical Engineering to better design HVAC systems for indoor facilities including vertical farms, and greenhouses. Her presentation included views on sustainable farming as well as its long-term impacts on providing food resources to the world. A tour of the active construction site at Georgia Tech’s new Kendada building followed the presentation. The project aims to become the most environmentally advanced educational and research building ever constructed in the Southeast by meeting some of the highest building performance standards in the world. The building will produce more energy than it uses with its 328 kw Photovoltaic array on the roof, and will treat and reuse all the water collected on site in its 50,000-gallon cistern tank. This project aims to achieve the most rigorous benchmark of sustainability in the built environment, the living building challenge, it is self-sufficient while using zero red listed materials in order to create a positive impact on the surrounding human and natural systems. The photo below shows the project and upper deck made of its salvaged two by sixes from nearby Atlanta studios that were scrapped after the deconstruction of film sets. 

 As a student interested in renewable energy and sustainable design this was an incredible way to understand some of the challenges in implementing these principals into practice. Also attending a technical newly offered technical session on solar pv and thermal system analysis and design provided insight into the tools used by industry professionals to create sustainable building systems.  

 The experience overall was an incredible way to have insights into how the industry as a whole function. Being able to attend technical sessions and learn new material that is used by practicing engineers was invaluable. Also, the expo provided exposure to the most common and new systems that are being used to achieve better designed buildings in all different size projects. I am grateful for the experience and want to thank CT ASHRAE and the Student Activities Committee for sponsoring me to attend the conference.  



Student Involvement in the University of New Haven’s Project on Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) of HVAC&R Systems Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy 

 For over a year, Dr. Ravi Gorthala, chair of mechanical and industrial engineering at the University of New Haven, has been leading a project on field demonstration of Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) technologies for retro commissioning and continuous commissioning of HVAC&R systems. This $1.2 million dollar, three-year project is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) with cost sharing from United Illuminating (Avangrid) and Eversource through funds from Energize CT, University of New Haven and UCONN.  UCONN’s UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering and United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) are the subcontractors on the project.  Dr. Amy Thompson is the lead for the UCONN’s subcontract and Dr. Timothy Wagner is overseeing the UTRC’s efforts.  Amy Jiron is the DOE project manager and has been championing other FDD projects as well as Energy Management and Information Systems projects. 

Several undergraduate and graduate students from the University of New Haven and UCONN have been working on this project.  Currently, Annika Hacker, a graduate student in mechanical engineering is the student lead with technical and logistics support from Prathamesh Patil and Surya Vadali (graduate student) of Tagliatela College of Engineering at the University of New Haven.  Also, Irmak Atilla interned for over two months on the project.  Mohammed Albayati, a doctoral student from UCONN, has recently begun working on this project under Dr. Thompson’s supervision.  This project is offering students a real-world, hands-on education and challenging them on serval fronts.  Students have been reviewing various FDD tools and their capabilities, developing selection criteria, designing and acquiring the instrumentation and data acquisition systems for independent monitoring of the FDD tools.  Students are also in the field on rooftops auditing the Rooftop Air-Conditioning Units and pre-testing them.  They are working with the HVAC technicians, facility managers and organizing outreach events and so on. As a part of this project, students will be working with HVAC contractors in installing the FDD tools at ten different sites and monitoring and evaluating their performance for over two cooling and heating seasons.  Overall, this is a rewarding experience for the students.  Additional information on this project can be found at https://www.unewhaven-doe-fdd.com/ or by contacting Dr. Gorthala ([email protected]). 



Image result for ASHRAE Student sponsorship

A new Student Membership Scholarship is available on the  CT ASHRAE Student Activities Webpage. This new scholarship aims to aid our active CT ASHRAE student members by covering their membership fee +more. We have 10 available scholarships of $100 for our student members. The applicant must be a current student member in active status and fill out the application. That’s all! Please visit the Student Activities Webpage or contact [email protected] for additional information.


If you or someone you know may be interested please visit the Student Zone at ASHRAE.org to learn more about ASHRAE’s Scholarship and Grant Programs.



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Annual Conference


2019 ASHRAE Winter Conference & AHR Expo

Atlanta, GA | January 12–16, 2019

2019 Winter Conference

ASHRAE Wraps Up Successful 2019 WinterConference, AHR Expo
Increased building activity, operational demands, changes in codes and design and new energy efficiency strategies were just some of the topic discussed among buildings professionals at the 2019 ASHRAE Winter Conference and AHR Expo. 

The 2019 ASHRAE Winter Conference took place Jan. 12-16 at the Omni Hotel Atlanta at CNN Center and the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga, ASHRAE's headquarter city. More than 2,700 individuals registered for this year's Winter Conference

The AHR Expo attracted HVACR professionals from around the globe and provided a forum for manufacturers to showcase the latest products and services. The Expo drew more than 65,000 attendees, with 1,809 exhibitors total, 496 international exhibitors from 35 countries and 107 first time exhibitors. 

The Winter Conference technical program featured more than 300 presentations, with interest surrounding this year's new track, Renewable and Natural Systems, where session topics included exploring energy technologies, renewable energy sources and the future of the smart grid. 

At the conference, Hayter provided Society updates and initiatives related to the Society theme, "Building Our New Energy Future." She focused on how ASHRAE is preparing buildings professionals for the challenges and opportunities of designing efficient and grid-responsive buildings within the changing energy sector. Hayter announced that a workshop, Building our New Energy Future: Current and Emerging Research Priorities, will be held Feb. 4-5, sponsored by NREL and ASHRAE. Also announced was the release of a presidential webinar, titled "Efficient Buildings, the Future and a More Intelligent Grid." 
During the conference, ASHRAE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Pakistan HVACR Society (PHVACR). The agreement formalizes the two organizations' long-standing commitment toward the promotion of common cooling and heating related endeavors. 

ASHRAE and UN Environment announced the launch of its 2019 and 2020 work plan. The new work plan will afford ASHRAE opportunities to work with local and national policy markets, ensuring sound energy efficiency and environmental protection policies based on ASHRAE standards and resources. This is the fifth work plan resulting from a 2007 MoU agreement between ASHRAE and UN Environment. 

"The mutual benefit of the new work plan is that ASHRAE has the ability to make key experts in refrigerant development and the application of new refrigerants accessible to UN Environment, through ASHRAE chapters to provide training to national policy makers and practitioners in developing countries," said Hayter. "As the world shifts to use of refrigerants with lower global warming potential, mandated by the Montreal Protocol, the linkage between ASHRAE and UN Environment's OzoneAction unit is critically important to meet global challenges." 
The slate of nominees for 2019-2020 board officers and directors were announced. Elections will be held in May. 
The 2019 ASHRAE Annual Conference will take place June 22-26 in Kansas City, with the 2020 Winter Conference Feb. 1-5, and the AHR Expo, Feb. 3-5, in Orlando, Fla. 


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Membership News


Membership Battle is Back!


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2018-2019 Year

CT ASHRAE 2018-2019 Officers and Board of Governors

President: Hank Cullinane, Clover Corporation

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President-Elect: Jason Urso, Tighe and Bond

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Treasurer: Eric Fontaine, van Zelm Engineers

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Secretary: Michael O. Davis, P.E., Flow Tech, Inc.

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Board of Governor: Jason Bessette, Emerson Swan

Board of Governor (Past President): Derek Bride, CES

Board of Governor: Tony Cammilleri

Board of Governor: Evan Cohen, Aercon

Board of Governor: Daniel Cowan, NEMSI

Board of Governor: Bill Dunn, Aire Equipment

Board of Governor: Ashley Keller, CES

Board of Governor: Tom Ruggerio, AKF Group

Board of Governor: Kevin Wixom, Flow Tech, Inc.



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2018-2019 Sponsorships 


ASHRAE reaches 475+ members and 250+ firms...

ASHRAE promotes professional growth, networkign, and experience...

ASHRAE provides education and technical contributions...

So – Become a Sponsor today to ensure these programs continue!


Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities (55+ avg monthly attendees): 

Display Tray sponsor: $100 per meeting 

  • Choose between a fruit and cheese, or hummus and veggie appetizer display tray
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Wine/Beer raffle sponsor: $100 per meeting 

  • Benefits Student Activities Fund
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Vendor Table sponsor: $100 per meeting 

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Triple Threat Package: $250 per meeting 

  • Purchase a Display Tray, Wine/Beer Raffle and Vendor Table for the same meeting and receive $50 off!


Golf Sponsorship Opportunities: 

Sponsorship Opportunities to be announced in January 2019. 

Custom Opportunities: 

We are more than happy to discuss creating a custom sponsorship opportunity for you. The CT Chapter frequently hosts YEA events that are also available to sponsor. Contact us today to start the discussion. 

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